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Anquan Boldin Switches Feathers; Now a Raven.

Imagine the Ravens in 2010, dominating defense, top-flight running game, and an average passing game. Now throw in Anquan Boldin. See what I see?  Now unless you see a Lombardi Trophy, you're not seeing the same as me. I know, I know, hometown bias as a Ravens fan. But seriously, think about it. The Ravens at least have to be favorites in the AFC North now following Pittsburgh's secondary collapse, Ben Roethilsberger's sexual assault allegations (again), and Cincinnati losing it in the playoffs. And well, the Browns, but come on now. Anquan Boldin is that psychical, hard-nosed type of player, which fits perfectly into the Ravens scheme. The best part is, he doesn't break the bank. Only $10 million guaranteed. After getting him for a 3rd and 4th draft pick, he is a steal. Congrats to Ozzie Newsome, for doing what he does best as one of the top GMs in pro-football.
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I miss the Olympics.

Okay, so you've all heard and/or believe this, the Olympics get boring. Maybe watching three hours of curling at lunch time isn't the most thrilling thing to do, or maybe watching ice skating isn't your thing. Understandable. 
The Olympics have flaws, obviously. But I for one, will miss the Olympics.
 It was nice turning on NBC any time after about 5 and seeing a variety of sports from hockey to biathlons. Exciting? Ehh, maybe. But knowing that any aspiring 16 year-old kid (granted they have cash) from Tajakistan or Turkey or even Jamaica, can go and compete to represent their country on the greatest athletic platform ever, that gives it the extra spice. It makes the Olympics seem that much more exciting. I mean, come on, Shaun White's 360-back-double-McFlurry-twist or whatever was pretty amazing. And watching Bode Miller and Lindsey Vonn tear up the slopes was pretty cool too. Not to mention an amazing showing for the U.S. hockey team (still bitter about the loss).  So now comes 2012 in London and Phelps is back, anyone sick of the love affair yet? Yup, throw those hands up. I'm not there yet, but I'll give the media time, they always find a way to annoy me with something in the end. And hey guys, we have a new favorite Olympic sport. In the next summer games after London, meaning in 2016, pole dancing comes.Wink
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Fantasy Power Rankings

1) Chris Johnson
2) Adrian Peterson
3) Maurice Jones-Drew
4) Ray Rice
5) Frank Gore
6) Steven Jackson
7) Jamaal Charles
8) Michael Turner
9) Cedric Benson
10) Ryan Grant
11) DeAngelo Williams
12) Rashard Mendenhall
13) Joseph Addai
14) Knowshon Moreno
15) Ronnie Brown
1) Aaron Rodgers
2) Drew Brees
3) Peyton Manning
4) Matt Schaub
5) Philip Rivers
6) Tom Brady
7) Tony Romo
8) Donavan McNabb
9) Brett Favre
10) Ben Roethlisberger
11) Eli Manning
12) Matt Ryan
13) Jay Cutler
14) Joe Flacco
15) Alex Smith
1) Andre Johnson
2) Reggie Wayne
3) DeSean Jackson
4) Brandon Marshall
5) Vincent Jackson
6) Randy Moss
7) Miles Austin
8) Marques Colston
9) Larry Fitzgerald
10) Sidney Rice
11) Roddy White
12) Calvin Johnson
13) Santonio Holmes
14) Steve Smith
15) Steve Smith
1) Vernon Davis
2) Dallas Clark
3) Antonio Gates
4) Owen Daniels
5) Brent Celek
6) Tony Gonzalez
7) Visanthe Shiancoe
8) Jason Witten
9) Jermichael Finly
10) Chris Cooley
11) Kellen Winslow
12) John Carlson
13) Heath Miller
14) Todd Heap
15) Kevin Boss

1) Garret Hartley
2) Stephen Gostkowski
3) Nate Kaeding
4) Ryan Longwell
5) Mason Crosby
6) David Akers
7) Rob Bironas
8) Lawrence Tynes
9) Neil Rackers
10) Jay Feely
11) Billy Cundiff
12) Adam Vinetari
13) Matt Prater
14) Dan Carpenter
15) Shaun Shiusam
1) Jets
2) Vikings
3) Cowboys
4) Packers 
5) Ravens
6) Steelers
7) Eagles
8) 49s
9) Chargers
10) Broncos
11) Saints
12) Cardinals
13) Dolphins
14) Panthers
15) Patriots
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Final Power Rankings


What a year! Looking back I never would've guessed the Cowboys would make it to the playoffs, T.O. would stay relatively quiet, the Bengals would stop being the Bungles, the Jets would even sniff the AFC Championship game, the Steelers wouldn't make it to the playoffs and finish third in the division, Favre would come so close to another Super Bowl, Miles Austin would have a big year, the Broncos would start off 8-0, two teams would go 13-0, New England wouldn't go deep into the playoffs, Cutler would be horrible, Chris Johnson would break the record for total yards in a season and eclipse 2,000 rushing, Alex Smith would be resurgent, and the Rams, Raiders, and Lions wouldn't have winning seasons! Oh, wait... never mind on the last one. So off to the rankings. I only described the playoff teams only, including the Steelers because they were ahead of the Patriots...


1) Saints- Any surprises here? They thoroughly beat down the Colts on all levels and played a flawless Super Bowl. Thank Sean Payton for his guts, New Orleans, he made the hardest call of the game that paid off dividends. Now the question becomes if they can repeat. But does it really matter to them right now? Why don't you go down Bourbon Street and see.


2) Colts- It had become common sense through the minds of football commentators, players, fans, coaches, and any other person with ties to the NFL; when you have Peyton, anything is possible. The little exception to that rule is when he is the one making it impossible. Now, we can't put it all on his shoulders. Caldwell's decision for Matt Stover to kick a 51-yard field goal when he clearly doesn't have the range he did earlier in his career and not go for it on fourth changed the outcome of that game. But still, it doesn't help when your QB throws an interception that gives the other team points that seal a win. Next year, is there any doubt that they will be favorites in the AFC? But at some point you have to wonder, are they just built for regular season success?


3) Vikings- There is no doubt this will be the most closely watched team in the offseason. They may have saved themselves from moving to LA with the addition of this one guy and the increased revenue he brought and still, Zygi Wilf wants a new stadium. It should be interesting to see how that plays out. But one things for sure, the decision of a certain someone's retirement could make or break this team in 2010-2011. At least you'd still have Adrian Peterson in the backfield... if he could actually hold onto a ball. The secondary is what needs improvement on the team. But even that isn't a true weak link of the Vikings. They have the talent, but they need the man that made it all click back.


4) Cowboys- They did it. They overcame December. Now they have to get together January. Wade Phillips bought himself some more time. But I got news for you, Wade, Jerry Jones will only be nice for so long. If the Boys don't get more then 1 playoff win in the next two years, something tells me Wade is gone. Jerry has a franchise QB going to waste in Romo. Oh wait! That's right! Romo may very well be the problem. He didn't choke in December. Okay, what about January? He has weapons, especially with the emergence of Austin. The first thing that needs to be addressed this offseason is that offensive line, then the defense.


5) Jets- When you have a defensive mastermind running a defense full of stars, and a trio of running backs each with different styles behind one of the best offensive lines in the league, you have a playoff team. Mark Sanchez has two wins under his helmet and he was dangerous at times this year. Now imagine next year. There will be talk of a sophomore slump, but I don't buy it. He has weapons on offense and enough talent around him to prevent that. They will be a threat to the Patriots crown in the AFC East next year.


6) Chargers- It's kind of a sad thought. A San Diego without L.T. or Shawn Merriman. But chances are, they part ways with the team. Philip Rivers is still quarterbacking, and that's what matters the most though. Antonio Gates and Vincent Jackson coupled with Rivers is still an explosive bunch. Norv Turner faces a challenge though, finally getting to the big game. The talent is there, but the success doesn't transfer with it.

7) Packers- They earn a spot over the Eagles based on quarterback play. This team next year could be challenging for the NFC crown. First thing they need to do, get the defense healthy. Al Harris being back should sure up the secondary opposite Charles Woodson. A ball-hawking safety wouldn’t hurt either. Come April, they need to get that offensive line fixed up too. If they take the north, Mike McCarthy 2011 coach of the year, anyone?

8) Eagles- From the outside looking in, I see a lot of holes in the Eagles organization. They have questions at quarterback, running back, offensive line, and pretty much the only bright spot on the team is wide receiver where they are stacked. Andy Reid, Philadelphia believes in you, somewhat. But can you convince them to trust Donavan?

9) Bengals- They are starting to put together the winning formula. Run and play good defense. They have their pair of shutdown corners in Jonathon Joseph and Leon Hall, Ray Malaluga and Keith Rivers solidifying the LB corps, and Jonathan Fanene anchoring and putting pressure on the quarterback upfront.  Cedric Benson became a star in 2009 in front of an average offensive line without their No. 1 draft pick, Andre Smith. Now he gets him back., and people need to watch out. The only problem, Carson Palmer. Is he really as good as people think he can be? He didn’t have the great year to prove it.

10) Ravens- Jim Zorn was a great hire for Flacco. Now get a top-flight receiver, and you have a volatile offense. The best thing is, a good passing game will free up the running game. Watch out for Ray Rice. The secondary got better for the second half of the season and Ladarius Webb looked like he could be something special. But you always have to wonder, how long does Ray Lewis have?

11) Cardinals- Kurt Warner will be missed severely. The question becomes if Matt Leinart can step up and become a star. He has the weapons and a newly found running game to help him. With a defense to help him not play from behind, I say he does and the Cardinals hold off the Niners for another year.

12) Steelers- What happened to the defense? That secondary has some serious issues it needs to fix. Getting Troy Polamalu back will help a lot, but what about the offense? Rashard Mendenhall put up some good numbers and showed real promise in the running game, and Ben is still Ben. No problems there, except on the offensive line, still.

13)Patriots- They are the lowest ranked playoff team and are even below a non-playoff team. Why? Their defense. It’s a mess in New England. The real bright spot? Brady and Belichik . And even Brady wasn’t that great. The end of a dynasty? Next year will tell. But they have questions. Major, major questions. What about running back? Is Laurence Maroney really good enough to be a 20+ touch running back a game and average more then 3.5 YPC? Work on it, Belichick, or your teams run might be over.

14) Broncos

15) Titans

16) Texans

17) Dolphins

18) Giants

19) Falcons

20) 49ers

21) Panthers

22) Bears

23) Jaguars

24) Redskins

25) Chiefs

26) Seahawks

27) Browns

28) Bills

29) Raiders

30) Buccaneers

31) Lions

32) Rams

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Playoff Bracket

Finally, the Ravens get an easy game... Don't think a Daunte Culpepper led Lions team will pose too much of a threat...
The biggest games of the week (in terms of playoff implications), are....
DET vs. BAL- Winners: BAL
DAL vs. SD- SD
GB vs. CHI- GB
If the teams I have chosen to win this week, including all the other games, the playoff bracket would look like this-----
1. IND 13-0
2. SD 10-3
3. CIN 9-4
4. MIA 7-5 (Get division based on better division record)
5. DEN 8-5
6. NE 7-5 (Earns the 6th seed over JAX and BAL based on head-to-head against BAL and better conference record against JAX)

1. NO 13-0
2. MIN 11-2
3. PHI 9-4 (Earns 3rd seed over ARZ because of better conference record)
4. ARZ 9-4
5. GB 9-4
6. DAL 8-5

Side notes---- Atlanta, the Giants, and Pittsburgh are all but finished in the wild card race. The Jets have snuck back in to wildcard contention. And the Oakland Raiders will finish this year 7-9, with there three remaining wins against Washington, Denver, and Cleveland. The Ravens have NO chance of making it into the playoffs this week because even if JAX loses, and MIA wins, MIA holds the tie breaker with better record of common opponents (NE). And if NE loses and MIA takes the division, there is a very good chance it stays that way. NO and IND both have at 16-0... do I think either one will get there, yes. I think they both go 16-0 and meet in a game that will make history, Saints 19-0, Indy 18-1. 
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Week 3 Power Rankings.

1. Giants- The only thing better then getting Plaxico out of town, was getting Mario Manningham in town. Steve Smith and Manningham are a deadly combination, and they have the QB to make it work. They go 3-0 this week against Tampa.
2. Ravens- Darren Sproles, meet Ray Lewis. And you thought he was done. The secondary is scaring me a little bit this year, but then again, Rivers is a top 5 QB (statistically speaking) and the Ravens face only 2 more top-flight passing attacks this season (New England, Green Bay). They go 3-0 this week against Cleveland.
3. Saints- What's the magic number? 60. That is the number of touchdowns Drew Brees will get this year to shatter Tom Brady's two year old record. Can anyone stop them?
4. Jets- It pains me to hand off the defensive title to Pittsburgh every week, so I'm glad I get to give it to the Jets. Darrel Revis WILL be defensive MVP. Sanchez, future Rookie of the Year, reminds me of Joe Flacco with Rex Ryan at the helm, and this team will go far. They go 3-0 this week against Tennessee.
5. Atlanta- The quietest top 5 team ever. They have not only been an offensive power house, but are playing strong defense too. Losing Peria Jerry will be a problem though, and thats why they stay at 5 and don't surpass the Jets. They go 3-0 this week against New England
6. Pittsburgh- Did that loss really just happen? They need to get back on track, but there is something missing, Troy Polamalu. Without Polamalu, the defense has lost its fluency and aggressiveness. Where is the run game, by the way? They go 2-1 this week against Cincinnati.
7. Vikings- Brad Childress made the right move looking to Favre. But the story in Minneapolis is if anyone will be able to stop future MVP Adrian Peterson. Percy Harvin will also win an award, for Offensive Rookie of the Year. They go 3-0 this week against San Francisco.
8. Chargers- It wasn't all bad against Baltimore, Philip Rivers had a career day. Losing Jamal Williams is a gigantic blow to the run defense though. L.T. is having another injury bitten year and the team can't stop now, or it will be a long year. They go 2-1 this week against Miami.
9. Indianapolis- Time is not a virtue here. Miami DOMINATED the clock. But Manning was Manning and the team pulled of a close 27-23 win. Was it to close though? They go 3-0 this week against Arizona.
10. Patriots- Will it be the Tom Brady in the last 5 minutes of the Buffalo game, or the other Brady showing up against Atlanta? The defense is looking very exposed and losing Mayo only worsens it. The talent is here, thats why they are at 10, but things need to be pulled together. They go 1-2 this week against Atlanta.
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Division Power Rankings... Do You Agree?

Here is how I believe all the teams in every division will finish. Starting with the 

AFC North-

Ravens- Derrick Mason is back and Baltimore is stronger now than ever before. But they cannot slip AT ALL, or the Steelers win.

Steelers- I think they could take the division very easily if the Ravens make so much as a tiny slip, and with the Steelers in the division, that tiny slip may turn into a landslide.

Bengals- Bottom line is, Carson Palmer is healthy. Cedric Benson is ready to break out. Ocho-Cinco must go though.

BrownsBrady Quinn will have a fun time as a year round starter (assuming he wins the job, which he should) in the same division with the 1st and 2nd best defenses in the league respectively.

AFC South-

Colts- Manning throws, Anthoney Gonzalez, Dallas Clark, and Reggie Wayne catch. It's quite simple.

Texans- Matt Schaub is healthy now. As long as he, Andre Johnson, and Steve Slaton stay that way, then they should take 2nd.

Titans- The Titans could finish over theTexans very simply, but I don't think they will. My problem with this team is not losing Haynesworth or the receivers, it's about the QB situation. I realize Kerry Collins was running the offense efficently last year, but you have incredibly good talent on the bench with Vince Young. He is raw and needs to develop in the NFL more. So you throw him in this year, let your defense and running game take you, and drag him along. Then you have a younger team and smooth sailing for years to come.

Jaguars- Disappointing best describes this team. Everything is there this year, but Garrad needs to step his game up.

AFC East- 

Patriots- Must I even right anything?

Dolphins- They can easily take down the Bills and Jets. Tough schedule though and that will make 2nd hard to get but possible.

Bills- ....7-9.... Bye Dick Jauron. Terrell Owens is aging. Edwards isn't experienced enough to correctly use a target like Owens. Marshawn Lynch isn't there for the first games, but Jackson is a capable back-up.

Jets- Their defense could take this team and they could surprise and finish higher. I just don't think that will happen. Mark Sanchez is probably the starter, and rookie Shonn Greene will have a lot of carries and could lead the team in carries, yards, and touchdowns.

AFC West-

Chargers- They should finish with over 10 wins and easily take the division. Phillip Rivers is becoming elite, and LaDanian never stopped being elite (1,100 yard is a "bad" or "down" season).

Chiefs- Matt Cassel will take this team to great levels. L.J. is also getting good reports.

Raiders- As long as Jamarcus Russell can step up and play at the No. 1 overall pick level he should be, then they can beat out the lowly Broncos.

Broncos- Josh McDaniels, for you I have 1 thing... ???

NFC North- 

Vikings-Adrian Peterson is going strong as ever, and so is the defense. Percy Harvin adds explosiveness, and the only question is, who will be throwing to him? As long as one of the two QBs can become solid, then they should take the division.

BearsMatt Forte can run and catch like a younger Brian WestbrookJay Cutler can throw as we all know, he just needs someone to throw to. Jauqine Iglecias is a good addition, to a shallow receiving corps hosting a converted DB.

Packers- The transition to the 3-4 will help the defense immensely. Aaron Rogers has developed into a very good franchise QB, and Ryan Grant is running strong.

Lions- Just because they finish last in the division doesn't mean they aren't going to be a good team. I expect about 4-6 wins, but the reason they finish last is that they are in a really strong division.

NFC East-

Eagles- Brian Westbrook is healthy. Donavan McNabb is healthy. DeSean JacksonLeSean McCoy, and Jeremy Maclin are a young mix of talented, explosive players on offense. This year, they go all the way.

GiantsBrandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw andAndre Brown create a good trio of talented running backs. Eli Manning is an accomplished QB but has no accomplished receiver to throw to. Hakeem Nicks could develop, but that is not  rookie season thing.

Cowboys- No drama is a boost. But Terrell was a boost to the team stat wise, and the passing game will miss him. Roy E. Williams needs to step up and so does Jason Witten (if he can step up anymore). But this will be a run-oriented team with Felshardion (Felix JonesTashard ChoiceMarion Barber) plowing defenses. The should be good but the other teams are so strong in the division that its hard for them to go above 3rd.

Redskins- Jason Campbell needs to prove himself. Now or never for him and Jim Zorn.

NFC South-

Cardinals- Not much has changed last year player wise. The front office saw the offensive coordinator Todd Haley leave as a head coach of the Chiefs, and Ken Wisenhut left as well. But they should be playoff contenders again with the strong trio of WRs and QB, with new gem Beanie Wells running the ball.

Seahawks- I have no doubt that Matt Hasselback will return to his 2005 form with T.J. Houshmanzadeh downfield. Julius Jones and T.J. Duckett should run over opponents and the defense has a nice new shiny toy with Aaron Curry.

49ersShaun Hill should win the QB battle but Michael Crabtreehas been a hold-out and may just not play this year and be re-drafted in 2010. Josh Morgan is a very good quality receiver though, and coupled with Issac Bruce, Hill or Smith should have targets. Defense will be strong under Singletary and Gore will continue to cruise over opponents.

Rams- They will be the WORST team in the league, which is to bad for Steven Jackson because he is a  star. 

NFC South-

Falcons- Matt Ryan isn't a rookie and Michael Turner is just blossoming. Add in a very nice receiving core with Roddy White, Michael Jenkins, and Tony Gonzalez, and you have a recipe for success.

Saints- They have Malcom Jenkins signed, and Marques Colston and Reggie Bush finally healthy. They will be hot on Atlanta's tail trying to steal the division, and with Drew Brees, thats certainly possible.

Panthers- Jake Delhomme is what worries me about the team. He wasn't as consistent as usual last year and he needs to be. "Double Trouble" will be a force again, and Julius Peppers is back with a formidable defense.

Buccaneers- If it weren't for the Rams, they would be the worst team in the league because of a bad QB situation. Josh Freeman should start but is no Joe Flacco or Matt Ryan. Defense should be OK and the running game sufficent, but not anything great.
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Power Rankings... Do you agree?

1. Steelers- The reigning Bowl winners have had little change in their team as basically the only major changes are losing Larry Foote, and getting Rashard Mendenhall back from his broken shoulder. The civil lawsuit isn't really a distraction to the team. But if things get ugly, so could their record. 


2. Eagles- This year is the year where they become unstoppable. They will finish as the No. 1 seed in the NFC and take the east by storm. Westbroook and his younger clone McCoy will dominate and destroy defenses with the running and catching abilities these two posses. DeSean Jackson is ready to become a true No. 1 receiver, and Jeremy Maclin will pose a real threat when you have a greatly merited quarter back like Donavan McNabb. Having Michael Vick to line up everywhere won't hurt either. The defense may have lost Brian Dawkins, but he was getting old and his game was slipping. Sean McDermott will take over for Jim Johnson (R.I.P) and he will do fine. They added other key additions on defense and are ready to make a serious run at the Super Bowl.  This may just be the Eagles year and they are my Super Bowl pick.


3. Patriots- Tom Brady, Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Kevin Faulk, Fred Taylor, Lawrence Maroney, Adalius Thomas, Richard Seymour, Matt Light, Tedy Bruschi, Brandon Meriweather. Give or take a few guys, they stay healthy, and the Patriots are perennial contenders. They will win/dominate the east, and finish with above or at an 11 win record. It's simple, throw, throw, throw, run, then throw more, and more, and more, then run, then throw. You get the picture. Derrick Burgess from Oakland will pad the sack total and raise the value of this team higher.


4. Colts- As long as Manning is throwing, they could always win everything. Donald Brown is helping out Joseph Addai and Bob Sanders and company are still going to dominate. The loss of Tony Dungy and Mudd and Harrison will hurt. But the team should be able to cope with the losses and Marvin Harrison should easily be replaced by Anthony Gonzalez who has a lot of talent. Also, consider it a bonus that he has the best tight end in the league in Dallas Clark to go along with one of the best receivers in the league, Reggie Wayne. Yes, they should will win the south, but the Texans may push them and give them a run for their money.


5. Ravens- They may just de-throne the Steelers as Division Champs. Derrick Mason came back, which immediately raises the entire team up because without him, they wouldn't be in the top 5. Joe isn't a rookie and he has a new and improved offensive line that will protect him well with the addition of Matt Birk through free agency, and Michael Oher through the draft. Defense will remain strong because they promoted a man from within Rex Ryan's system to lead them. Greg Mattison still has the leaders and playmakers to put up a spectacular defense. The main loss on the team cam with Lorenzo Neal going to Oakland, but Le'Ron McClain is an accomplished FB and is paving the way for Ray Rice who looks like he could have a breakout year.


6. FALCONS- Matt Ryan is no rookie, and he has one of the best wide receiving corps on the NFL with Roddy White, Malcom Jenkins, Tony Gonzalez, and Jerious Nerwood out of the backfield. Michael Turner has proven he can be a feature back and the defense, anchored by John Abraham, is going to rise to the occasion to make a Bowl run.


7. PANTHERS- They better watch out, as Atlanta will be hot on their tail to steal their reigning divisional title, and Atlanta will most likely. Jake Delhomme is aging though, and opposite Steve Smith, Musin Muhammed is 36 and done, and his replacement is the incompatent Dwayne Jarret. But when having "Double Trouble" (DeAngelo Williams and Johnathan Stewart), and a strong defense with franchised Julius Peppers, a team can always make a run for the Bowl.

8. Giants- The loss of Derrick Ward and Plaxico Buress will hurt some. But Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw will control the backfeild well, and the Giants have a plethora of young receivers waiting to step up their game. They have a strong defense anchored around one of the best defensive lines in the league. I don't think they can take the east though with the Eagles waiting to get to a Super Bowl.


9. Chargers- Phillip Rivers has proved to be an elite quarter back. Shawn Merriman is back and ready to control the defense. Vincent Jackson has evolved into a true No. 1 receiver and having Antonio Gates doesn't hurt either. The Chargers as a team, have a chance to lead the NFL in rushing yards with the combo of a healthy LaDanian Tomlinson and a lightning fast Darren Sproles.


10. Cardinals- As long as you have a receiving trio of Steve Breaston, Anquan Boldin, and Larry Fitzgerald, all paired with a strong veteran quarter back and an inspiring pair of young hard-nosed rushers, you can take the Bowl. The Cards will again take the NFC West, but do it with some pride this time. The loss of Wisenhut and Haley doesn't help, but they still have a good defense (just look at the Carolina game in the playoffs last year).


11. SAINTS- One word says it all. Pass. The ball could never touch the ground all game and they could still win. But what puts them here, is the monster of a running game they will have with Thomas and Bush. Defense has made key improvements, especially in the draft. Malcom Jenkins will do amazing.


12. Cowboys- Roy E. Williams needs to be the absolute No. 1 receiver that he can be. Jason Witten is still there. But this team isn't a passing team anymore, they will rely on Felshardion. (Felix, Tashard, Barber) They have added key defensive players like Keith Brookings and such, and should have an acceptable defense. Many will argue this is to high, but I think they still have a decent offense that should pull out 9-10 wins or so.


13. TITANS- Here is where the teams I believe will be playoff teams start, at No. 12. The reason I believe they are not a top 10 team is because Vince Young continues to sit on the sideline. And the more he waits, the more impatient he gets. He needs to go out and struggle one full year, so that he can learn and be better the next. "Smash and Dash" will be back and stronger than ever.TITANS- Here is where the teams I believe will be playoff teams start, at No. 12. The reason I believe they are not a top 10 team is because Vince Young continues to sit on the sideline. And the more he waits, the more impatient he gets. He needs to go out and struggle one full year, so that he can learn and be better the next. "Smash and Dash" will be back and stronger than ever.


14. Vikings- No Brett Favre means much less drama and media time. Good. "All Day" will basically put wheels on his feet again, and the defense is still incredibly solid. Rosenfels or Jackson is the question. They both have "I'm just average", written all over them. If one of those two can turn into a solid player, welcome to the top 10. 


15. Texans- Matt Schaub stays healthy, and they have a shot to take the south. Andre Johnson is a beast, and Steve Slaton is just blooming. Kevin Walter opposite Johnson is also pretty good. DeMeco Ryan is the leader of a very underrated defense.C


16. Packers- Rodgers is now the new unquestioned leader of the offense. He also has a strong run game and great receiving corps. The defense transitions to the 3-4 and should help them.


17. Bears- In the blockbuster trade that brought in Jay Cutler, it made the demand for production so much greater on this team. Forte has the ability to become an even better version of Brian Westbrook, and Cutler was already on his way to superstardom in Denver. But Devin Hester, Earl Bennet, and Greg Oslen are a long way from Brandon Marshall, Eddie Royal, and Tony Scheffler. Wide receiver is the key to unlock the playoffs for this team.


18. Bengals- Carson Palmer is back and at 100%. Cedric Benson will finally have a chance to prove himself and shine. Defense is looking like it should rank in the top 12 too. I think the offense will become forceful and the only reason they will finish third is because the top 2 stop offenses like no other. 


19. Dolphins- The talent on this team is absolutely incredible. And if that was what these rankings were based of off, then they would be in the top 10. But there ranking is here based on the amount of "W"s in the end. Sorry Miami, but the toughest schedule in the league puts you here. Try to prove me wrong.


20. Bills- Terrel Owens will single handily burn the city of Buffalo to the ground. Edwards is lacking in experience. Lynch suspended for three games, offensive line reeks, hello disaster.


21. Jaguars- Jack Del Rio has a slight risk of losing his job if he doesn't get the team where they should be. Everything is there. Garrad just needs to step up.


22. Seahawks- Matt Hasselback is indeed back and has a great weapon in T.J. Houshmandzadeh. Julius and Duckett again form a good duo.


23. Jets- Rex Ryan is now in town and has brought some help from Baltimore. The defense should rank among the top 5. But the offense is in shambles. In my opinion, get rid of Jones and Clemens from the starting picture. Let Sanchez and Shonn Grenne start.  


24. Chiefs- Is the 69 million from what he can do? Or from what he did? Matt Cassel should be able to turn it around, and has an OK receiving corps, with a good new target in Amani Toomer.


25. Redskins- There are many careers dangling on the edge of life or death, or at least careers in Washington. Jason Campell must step up his game, or he is replaced. Clinton Portis should return to form this year, but is aging and has a huge workload with no real stable passing game, which means injuries galore. Jim Zorn is probably on his way out of town at the end of this season.


26. 49ers- Shaun Hill should win the competition at quarter back. Defense will be strong under Singletary, and Frank Gore will again run all over.


27. Raiders- For a change of pace, they could in fact finish 2nd in the division if the Cheifs falter at all. Russel needs to bloom this season. The Raiders added Jeff Garcia to show that they are not afraid to pull the plug on Russel. It's now or never. 


28. Broncos- Next to this team, I should probably put a question mark. So here. ?


29. Browns- Brady Quinn will probably take over. But running back is a question as Jamal Lewis is aging and slowing. Jerome Harrison may be able to take over though. 


30. Lions- Living in the shame of going 0-16, they needed hope. They got that hope from Matthew Stafford.


31. Buccaneers- This team could go higher, but they need a leader to rally around. Leftwitch and McCown aren't going to be that leader and Freeman has a shot to become one next year.


32. Rams- It would take hours to go through this so here, Marc Bulger admitted he doesn't know the playbook. Enough said. 

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